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In the early 1990’s, Nicole was frequently traveling to the Dominican Republic with her family. She has always been passionate about unique, handmade jewelry pieces. When she discovered the Dominican larimar, that was the love at the first sight, inspiring her to use it in her jewelry designs. A combination of love for sun, beach and jewelry, made her decide to move here in 1994.

Nicole explored and found local craftsmen and talented creators able to make her designs reality and in a high quality.

For many years she was hearing sad stories about noise, confusion, pressure and bad quality of the beach and flee market vendors, and from that came the idea of offering travelers a place where they can find quality products and friendly service, and shop with no pressure. Besides her jewelry designs, she expanded the shop offer to the carefully selected local craft works, souvenirs and typical local products, making it a place that has to offer the complete product range.

Chez Nicole Boutique opened in 2005 and grew over the years. Today, with the support of more than 40 employees and countless repeater clients, Nicole’s story is an example of how one’s passion became a business which continues to welcome thousands of visitors each year.

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TripAdvisor Reviews

Very Nice Boutique

Our travel representative suggested that I might like going to the boutique. Only problem we had was waiting for the shuttle,apparently the rep forgot to order it for us, BUT we got there eventually with the help of the gate guard. I found it nice and quaint with the three levels. You could get your Dominican cigars there was also a gift shop for souvenirs and the prices weren’t bad but my favorite part was the jewellry store. Very nice pieces of jewellry not overly pricey in my opinion( I got a silver and gold larimar bracelet) There were other pieces but I couldn’t decide, so I definitely have to go back. Since we were there in May they offered a Mother’s Day discount which was really nice. I also think there was a small cafe there as well. I am glad that this boutique was recommended and I will definitely be returning.

madfordrMississauga, Ontario

Hidden Gem

I will be telling all I know to visit this boutique before any other when in Dominican! Thank you for all the wonderful pieces we purchased!

Dee G

Nice Boutique

Lovely place, Some fantastic Things there to buy, Cigar making was lovely to see,Also has a little Bar and Free WIFI, Views from the Balcony where fantastic

Natalie H

Very good

We visited Chez Nicole Boutique when we stayed at the Riu Republica hotel in Bavaro, D.R. They offered transportation to and from the hotel. When we arrived, we were greeted and felt welcomed instantly. They offer a variety of jewelry, which include the Larimar stone. They also have a bar, a souvenir shop and a cigar factory in the basement. All in all, we stayed there about an hour and a half, although we had a couple of drinks and stayed on the balcony. The staff was extremely friendly and the bathrooms were clean and tidy. Some of the staff also spoke English/French, on top of Spanish. Prices were reasonable for tourists and were advertised in several currencies.


Great for Larimar

I think you’ll find the range of reviews are mostly based on expectations. If you go there hoping to kill an afternoon browsing a wide assortment of stuff you are definitely going to be disappointed. We met a couple at our resort who showed us Larimar jewelry they had bought here and recommended the place for that specific purpose. We called Nicoles directly and set up transportation (no charge as advertised.) We had looked at Larimar in the resort shops and even negotiated their prices down some and then went to Nicoles. The silver work here had a better finish, the stones were a nicer color/mix and the prices were about 70% of what we could get at our resort. All the staff were wonderful; they must have pulled out 30 sets of earrings trying to match the stone in the pendant my wife liked and I had a good time chatting/smoking with the cigar store staff. Based on our one trip and the other couple that shared transport with us; an hour seemed a reasonable time to spend there. We did not visit the 3rd floor souvenir shop (not our thing) so no comment on that.


Loved this place

We are currently staying in the Dominican Republic for the week while we are on vacation. We had the pleasure of visiting this shop, that was organized by the resort.

There are 3 levels of the building. The top floor had all things souvenir, along with alcohol and we beautiful paintings. The main floor had some gorgeous jewelry. And the lower level had the ‘cigar museum’. There, we were able to see cigars being made, which was pretty cool.
It was nice that the staff actually spoke and understood English. And I like the fact that this shop is only available to tourists who are staying at the local resort, so we were able to shop without anyone forcing anything on us.

Sophia W

Simply THE BEST cigars

I can understand why the ratings are mixed, depending on what you find at Nicole Boutique, you might be disappointed with the excursion. The jewelry is lovely and of high quality, so if you are looking for local stones, you might find your perfect style. I am giving a five star rating because we purchased a box of cigars from the downstairs shop, and they were quite simply the best cigars we have ever enjoyed. The product was so fresh, and of such high quality that I cannot wait to return to purchase more (and take home as much as Customs will allow!!) If you are a cigar lover, make sure you get a sample box of the best DR has to offer.

AllyveeBurlington, Canada

We absolutely loved this little shop!

This store is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to buy t-shirts and inexpensive souvenirs to take back home with us and this place delivered! We were able to buy t-shirts for about $10-$20 which we thought were reasonable. We had been looking for t-shirts most of the stay and they were either of cheap quality and overpriced or none were sold where we were. This store sells everything! You must stop by!


Great shops and prices

Great shops beautiful jewelry, souvenirs, and a cigar shop with all great prices. Beautiful wall art, shirts, shot glasses, key chains and a whole lot more. Nice friendly staff. A nice bar to relax with all kinds of food and drinks. Nice place to sit and enjoy the beautiful view from outside.

LALA238Stafford, Virginia

Unique & Reasonable !!

I recently stayed in Punta Cana for my first tropical vacation and our hotel had a free bus to the boutique so we decided to check it out.
Nicole’s is divided into 3 areas……bottom floor is the cigar making area……ground floor is Nicole’s unique, beautiful and reasonably priced jewelry along with a bar that the men we dragged there could have a drink while they waited for us……top floor is the gift shop.

I bought a beautiful ring for $45.00 and was very happy when I left.

Nicole’s owner is a very friendly lady who is originally from Montreal, Quebec Canada.

VictoriaEttingerHalifax, Canada